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    The everywoman’s home bar is typically stocked with vodka, tequila, wine, a nice set of glasses and tumblers, and maybe a bottle of bitters. But orgeat syrup? Probably not.
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    I never made it to Asia De Cuba when it existed in Midtown, but I certainly heard things about it. Lots of magical tales about the best tuna tartare tacos you’ve ever tasted, where the signature cocktails flow like rivers and the ceviches are pretty as paintings.

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    When Asia de Cuba first landed at Morgan's Hotel in 1997, Jeffrey Chodorow's marriage of Latin American and Asian flavors changed the culinary fusion landscape. Here we are, almost 20 years later, and the newest incarnation of his flagship restaurant on Lafayette is still packing 'em in for plates of scallop ceviche with grapefruit and crispy pork skin, crispy duck confit salad and, of course, the avocado and plantain fried rice that derailed a thousand diets. 

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    Back in 2011, when Jeffrey Chodorow closed Asia de Cuba at Morgans, it caused quite a stir: Like the Tao of today, it was a celebrity magnet — but critics actually liked the food, too. Now the restaurant, which specializes in Asian-meets-Latin cuisine, has reopened in Noho.

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    Churros are a classic dessert item. Yet, the doughy fried concoctions are equally as good in savory form -- with a little bit less of the sugar and more of the intricate spices, churros can transform into an appetizer that no one can put down.

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    After a 30-year stay at the Morgans New York Hotel, Asia de Cuba recently took up residence at a new East Village location.     The restaurant’s new chef, Luis Pous, joined the team after making a commitment to honor the marriage of Latin and Asian ingredients, techniques, and flavors. The former executive chef of the Little Palm Island Resort & Spa spoke to The Daily Meal about his plan to bring a taste of the tropics to the new menu. [related]
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